DiffBIR: Towards Blind Image Restoration with Generative Diffusion Prior

Xinqi Lin, Jingwen He, Ziyan Chen, Zhaoyang Lyu, Ben Fei, Bo Dai, Wanli Ouyang, Yu Qiao, Chao Dong

We present DiffBIR, which leverages pretrained text-to-image diffusion models for blind image restoration problem. Our framework adopts a two-stage pipeline. In the first stage, we pretrain a restoration module across diversified degradations to improve generalization capability in real-world scenarios. The second stage leverages the generative ability of latent diffusion models, to achieve realistic image restoration. Specifically, we introduce an injective modulation sub-network – LAControlNet for finetuning, while the pre-trained Stable Diffusion is to maintain its generative ability. Finally, we introduce a controllable module that allows users to balance quality and fidelity by introducing the latent image guidance in the denoising process during inference. Extensive experiments have demonstrated its superiority over state-of-the-art approaches for both blind image super-resolution and blind face restoration tasks on synthetic and real-world datasets.